Midcoast Theatre CO-LAB Mission Statement

Empowerment | Unity |  Joy |  Creativity

MidCoast Theatre Co-Lab is a collaboration in a community of artists dedicated to the possibility that in an ever more connected world, the best art will only be created by fusing the most vibrant voices from the east, west, and middle coasts, and that to unite these voices in a powerful way will require creative uses of technology, media, resources & taking the lid off of "the normal" way of putting up new works.

Uniting voices East, West, and the "Middle Coast". 


MidCoast is founded by Jenna Coker-Jones and her husband Christopher Kale Jones Professional actors and singers, they had the good fortune to spend 10 years in NYC and 6 years in LA before settling in Chicago in 2016, just in time to watch the Cubs make history just a mile from their home in Lakeview.  


In each community they found a proud circle of artists that, while distinguished and accomplished, was relatively isolated.  While actors and artists could submit materials to attempt to work in other cities, largely all but the most elite of artists had to commit to building a career on one of the three coasts.  


When they moved to Chicago and found themselves making inroads to yet another vibrant community, they were struck with what a tragedy it is that even in an artists culture, occasionally differences and prejudices outweigh similarities and passions.  


They founded MidCoast as an extension of their experience of Chicago, the city in a garden. It is designed to be fertile ground where artists from all three coasts can play, create, and change the landscape of the American theater; where work done in Chicago attracts and has an impact in New York, LA, and beyond, and where differences between us always give way to making a difference for all.